The Bare Lady Over The Air

This morning while driving my two dogs to their vet,
I heard a most unusual report on the car’s radio.
It managed to catch my attention, even though
the dogs were noisy, having not settled down yet.

I distinctly heard “naked girl” coming in over the air!
It related the tale of a college girl going totally bare.
Seems she was running for some class office up there
at the U of Alberta in Canada (land of snow and grizzly bear).
She had posted nude views of herself - showing all including hair,
as her campus campaign posters so that all could compare
her assets versus those of her opponents’. The Dean did declare
her action was unethical since it was so blatantly unfair.
Her male opponents couldn’t compete! Even, if on a dare,
they were to post nude posters of themselves, who’d care?
Her opponents were reduced to anger and much despair
since they were aware that now the voters had seen her pair
that, as for winning the election, they now had no prayer.
The Dean disqualified this poor girl, thus ending the whole affair.
(The frequency with which one hears naked girl stories is all too rare.)

Harry Edward Gilleland      3.06.02