The Older Version

The older man and his Corgi
were out for their nightly walk,
when who'd they happen to see,
a jogger who stopped to talk.

"Nice night for walking your pet."
"Getting your exercise I see."

They smiled and went on their way,
the young jogger thinking "I bet
that fat old man never ran a day;
otherwise he'd be in good shape yet."

The man, overweight, fifty nearly,
said to his dog, "That young fellow later
for running on concrete will pay dearly,
exercise turning from friend to traitor."

Arriving home, the jogger told his wife,
"I spoke to that gimpy old man tonight.
I'll bet he now wishes that all his life
he'd run! For I'll forever be trim and light."

Arriving home, the man surveyed his
ribbons earned running in so many races,
back before getting the arthritis that is
crippling his knees, as old age now youth replaces.

"That jogger has misjudged me, I'll bet.
If only he knew he was the younger me!"

Harry Edward Gilleland      3.01.02