The Secret To Happiness In Life Is....

My 17-year-old grandson, being in a pensive mood,
asked “Granddad, is the secret to a happy life being rich?
Or maybe, it’s in a loving wife, ‘cause - pardon my being crude -
where’s the fun in being wealthy if your wife’s a total bitch?

Then again, maybe happiness lies in having good health,
because how much could you enjoy life if you’re sick always?
Yeah, definitely having good health must outweigh having wealth!
But what good is long life if you’re lonely during your last days?

Being surrounded by family who love you could be the key,
although…people who never marry or have kids can be happy
in their life as well. For them happiness might rest in career maybe.
Geez, it’s hard to talk about happiness in life without getting sappy!

You’ve lived seventy-five years, been a successful professional man,
traveled the world, had three wives, seven children, twenty grandkids.
For my life to be happy, please let me in on Granddad’s life-plan!”
I replied “Dear Boy, everybody knows the secret to happiness in life is…."

Harry Edward Gilleland      2.24.02