On The Cruelty In Nature

Watching "Big Cat Diaries" on Animal Planet on TV,
the cruelty inherent in Nature was plain to see.
A mother cheetah with an injured front right paw
caused the most pathetic drama you ever saw.

She and her two cubs had gone days without a meal.
Unless she soon could successfully make a kill,
death from starvation for her cubs was all too real.
Seeing their gaunt bodies, pity you just had to feel.

Several chases after Thompson's gazelles all ended the same,
with just not speed enough to provide them with fresh game.
Finally, pouring every ounce of strength into another chase,
success at last meant her cubs' lives wouldn't go to waste.

Feeling so glad that she had made a kill in the nick of time,
I watched as the cubs came running for their meal sublime.
But her kill had been witnessed by a lion lying nearby.
She couldn't stop his taking her trophy; no need to even try.

This show ended with the cheetah cubs at Death's door.
Lord! For her to make a kill, I couldn't have wanted more!
For survival of her family, it was imperative that she kill!
Death for survival always has been Nature's way, and always will.

Next morning over ham and eggs, I pondered Nature's cruelty still...

Harry Edward Gilleland      2.8.02