Weathering The Storms!

The individuals of our concern
Live a fulfilled existence
Amidst a comfortable environment
That provides for all their needs
In a constantly pleasant temperate
Climate, where all would be idyllic
Were it not for the violent storms
That visit mayhem on their locale
Once or twice per each individual's
Lifetime. Our family unit is enjoying
A peaceful, satisfying moment
When, upon the horizon, a faint
Rumbling makes its presence known.
The sound grows louder, yet louder,
Accompanied by a white, brilliant
Light that grows first brighter
Then fades. The wind rises, then falls;
All grows calm for an instance.
Suddenly the noise intensifies,
The light becomes blinding, and
A violent, sucking vortex of air
Gathers loose debris, swirling it
Into the air before transporting
It away. The entire community is
Vigorously thrown first this way,
Then that way, back and forth.
Family members disperse and scurry
For cover, then cling desperately
To any available structure,
Trying to avoid falling victim
To the merciless whirlwind!
But, to no avail, as one by one
Many lose their grip and vanish
Into the roaring blackness.
Back and forth the terrible storm
Seemingly stays overhead an eternity.
Finally it retreats into the distance.
As the deafening wind and bright light
Fade over the far horizon,
The remnants of the tiny community
Emerge to greet the restored calm,
And immediately begin replenishing
Their colony. Thus it goes, cycle
After cycle, generation upon
Generation, within this colony
Of dust mites living within
The carpet of your bedroom....

Harry Edward Gilleland      12.11.01