On Reasons For Committing Adultery

My neighbor told me this when at the mailbox we happened to meet.
One of his married daughters had come with his grandkids for a stay.
She'd discovered her husband was having an affair, despite his being discreet.
Should she divorce him or stay married? She felt a loser either way.

She had asked my neighbor to explain why men act they way that they do.
They had a happy marriage she'd thought; she was a good mother and loyal wife.
Why would he do this knowing over adultery for a divorce she'd surely sue?
Her husband had had no reason to hurt his family, to ruin her life.

I asked my neighbor how had he responded to this age-old question.
He replied he told his anguished daughter there was no simple answer.
Maybe a mid-life crisis, trouble at work, factors too nebulous to mention.
Sometimes a man has an affair without realizing it might lead to disaster.

Occasionally, the man may be unhappy in the marriage, ready for it to end.
But, even when in the marriage and with his wife, he is well-pleased,
Some men have an affair simply to add excitement back to his sexlife again.
After years of marriage, little thrill may result from his wife spreading her knees!

His wife is like storebrand vanilla, the mistress gourmet rocky road.
It's expecting a lot of a man not to fall into such a delectable trap.
My neighbor said his daughter angrily retorted any husband who cheats is a toad.
A man can be faithful; apologists' excuses to justify adultery are pure crap!

Returning inside I realized my neighbor's daughter is plenty smart,
And I made a mental note to be sure and wish her well in making her new start.

Harry Edward Gilleland      11.18.01