The Heavenly Autopsy

At the precise moment of the death of each human being,
An emissary from Heaven arrives, having been sent to discern
That human's true nature - it's the deceased's fate the agent is really seeing,
Determining whether that person is to be sent to rapture or to burn.

At this man's passing, two agents from Above do arrive,
One having performed these examinations for centuries, the other brand new.
"I don't have any experience with these creatures dead, only alive.
Before his soul reaches the Pearly Gate we have a report already due?"

"Yes, we must do our work quickly so that our results St. Peter will know
When the decision is to be made which direction this soul to send.
Up or down, largely depends upon what our measurements show.
We examine this individual's record created from birth to life's end."

"Within each brain, present but invisible to the human eye
Are two receptacles, one holds his 'good', the other his 'evil',
A permanent record of the man's inner qualities, these never lie.
Every thought, every action has left its mark, now subject to our retrieval."

"One container love, kindness, compassion, consideration for others did fill.
Honesty, faithfulness, dependability, even such virtues as each of these
All added bit by bit to leave this account of his true good will.
When the contents here are overflowing, Him our report will please."

"Each thought filled with hate, prejudice, intolerance, meanness, dishonesty,
Every display of indifference or apathy for his fellow man,
Any lie or selfish act went into his 'evil bin', now to decide his eternity.
When these contents are greater, Heaven won't take him, the Devil can."

"Humans are sometimes masterful at concealing their true feelings.
By what they say, the face that they present, they may deceive.
In life they may successfully fool others in all of their dealings.
But, at death, the accurate tally of their 'good versus evil' we retreive."

"Where these mortals spend eternity is a simple matter, you know.
It all boils down to their lifetime's 'good versus evil' ratio."
Awakening with a start, the atheist was nervous, drenched with sweat.
This dream scared him. Now he hoped after death his beliefs he would not regret.

Harry Edward Gilleland      11.09.01