I Pulled It Off!

The meeting this afternoon had gone on way too long.
The room was dark while they showed slide after slide.
It was overly warm and eating a large lunch had been wrong.
Nevertheless, somehow I had managed to keep my eyes open wide.

Doing so had been difficult as the talk had been deathly dull,
And I had stayed up much too late the night before.
It was hard keeping alert while being bored out of my skull.
All the information presented was something I could safely ignore.

I could tell my eyes had started to close once or twice,
And I thought some people were giving me a funny look.
For the speaker to catch me not paying attention would not have been nice,
But he hadn't noticed my not following along in the presentation book.

I could feel my head occasionally starting to nod,
And a few times I took off my glasses to rub my eyes.
But then I hid my sleepiness well by sitting up straight as a rod.
To keep myself awake I kept giving a hard pinch to my thighs.

Now the meeting was finally over; so I had pulled it off!
As my supervisor and I simultaneously exited the door,
Imagine my surprise when she greeted me with a scoff,
Saying "You really need to do something about your loud snore!"

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.25.01