On My Son Visiting From College

This past weekend my youngest son returned home from college for a visit.
I enjoy our conversations since the effect of his education I get to see.
Unloading his car, I noticed something had hit its rear corner severely denting it.
"Yeah, while backing up in the dorm parking lot, I was 'rear-ended' by a tree."
Carrying his tennis racquet inside, I was glad this he did not forget.
We would play a match; even if he won 6-0, 6-0, he would 'love' it.

"What do you hear from your friend Bruce, whom when home you always try to see?"
"Bruce finished training to be a casino dealer; he thinks on the final exam he 'aced' it."
In pictures from a recent beach trip, the bikini on his girlfriend made it plain as could be,
That to have her breast enhancement surgery she had obviously seen fit.
My son had opposed it; between them quite a battle it had gotten to be.
Now of it my son said "I fought a strong game but she 'checkmated' me."

About then my wife came in. "My 'baby boy'! Come here and hug me!"
Women! This 'baby boy' weighs 220 pounds and stands 6 feet three.
Handing him a check his mother reminds " Now into your account be sure and deposit."
I'm thinking with my wife in the conversation I might as well just go and sit.
Maybe later my son and I can fill the air with prime examples of our keen wit.
My wife finds our humor too 'sophomoric', although only one of us does the title sophomore fit!

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.07.01