Black African Genocide

Why, oh, why, does the world sit idly by
and watch as black Africans suffer and die
by the hundreds of thousands? In Sudan,
the Arab Janjaweed murder every man

and gang-rape every woman in towns
throughout Darfur. Where is found
the world’s outrage at this genocide?
They’ve nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

During the past eighteen months in Darfur,
every woman sees no one cares to save her
or her family from this wanton slaughter.
The Janjaweed kill her son, rape her daughter.

1.4 million have been displaced from their home.
Diseased, starving, in fear, they must roam,
seeking safety, only to die in some refugee camp.
In this darkness, why won’t someone light a lamp?

In 2004, Darfur will join Rwanda of 1994 in shame.
Some 800,000 died in Rwanda. Were we not to blame?
Why has the world collectively turned a blind eye?
We could end this genocide. Why do we refuse to try?

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.29.04