I Am Your Moon

I stand looking out upon the night,
all awash in a bright, silvery glow
provided by the moon so ripe and full,
and it dawns upon me, my love…
I am your moon!

Friends and family tell me nowadays
I have mellowed in my advancing age.
No longer am I as quick to anger.
More consideration and compassion
I now show. I am a kinder, gentler man.
I smile more. I laugh easier.
And love fills my heart.

As the moon, with no light of its own,
reflects the brilliance of the sun to shine,
the love of others and the pure goodness
that radiates from your kind heart
have imbued me with a pale reflection
of your glorious soul…and this is
enough to make me into a better man.

May we long share our lives together,
you, the radiant star lighting up my world,
and I, basking and shining in your love.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.28.04