Fathers Go Off To War

A son and mother stand on shore,
fearful they will see him nevermore,
as the soldiers sail away…sail away.

“Mother, why must Daddy go to fight?”
“The men must go to make things right.
About this they have no say…have no say.”

“Mother, when will we see my daddy again?”
“This war will be long and hard to win.
He will be away many a day…many a day.”

“Mother, do you think my daddy will be killed?”
“He will come back alive if by God it is willed.
For his safety we must pray…we must pray.”

“Mother, will I have to go to war when I’m grown?”
“Throughout our history, every generation’s known
its war. But for peace, I pray yours might find a way…”

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.14.04