Hollywood Ending

The viewing public wants their stories
to have a happy ending, really would
prefer the movie’s hero win the glories
and triumph over rivals any way he could.

In life, unlikely victory always brings us
delight. Applause especially strong will
reward the underdog, for we think it just
that he prevail, that dreams survive still.

The golfer who, after many failed attempts,
now joins the Tour, then as rookie wins
a major championship…the horse that trips
but rallies to win the race…such an event sends

our hearts into flight. Should the common man
defeat corrupt city hall or if lovers true should
remain together despite all their enemies can
do to tear them apart…then maybe we could

have hope to win against all odds, to enjoy
that Hollywood ending sometimes in our lives.
When fate does threaten our dreams to destroy,
belief in happy outcomes is how our soul survives.

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.24.04