The Family Chain Of Life

Generation after generation,
like links in an unbroken chain,
extend into the forgotten past,
extend into the unborn future,
ancestors begetting descendants,
descendants becoming ancestors,
strangers linked by blood, by DNA
into a common heritage of family.

The newborn generation embodies
new hope and joy, promise untainted,
fulfillment through continuance,
rebirth, the avenue to immortality.
Their day awaits...

The present generation is center stage,
in their prime, conquering their world,
succeeding... or being conquered by it,
losing their chance, stumbling along.
But, either way, success or failure,
family redemption lies in parenthood.
Their day is now...

The grandparent generationís duty
is done. They have lain down to rest,
satisfied with their accomplishments
or now weary from their struggles,
but buoyed by their children
and rejoicing in their grandchildren.
Their day is past...

The oldest living generation awaits
death, secure in their importance,
for even if they are only remembered
for a few scant decades after death,
then fade forever into family obscurity,
they earned immortality as an essential
biological link in their family chain of life.
Their having once lived forever matters...

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.04.04