Returning Disabled

This early morning they reported on Today
that modern war has changed one significant way.
From the previous one in four to only one in eight
became the wounded warriors’ new mortality rate.
With wearing into war a protective armored vest,
the chance for soldiers’ survival is history’s best.

From America’s current hellish war in terrorist Iraq,
more wounded sons and daughters shall come back
with lives intact...but with having their limbs shorn,
as from armored bodies legs and arms were torn.
The risk of death is battle has not been totally tabled;
yet more soldiers shall become permanently disabled.

America now asks her young to wager not only one life
but all limbs four while waging war against global strife.
Although mortality dropped, modern war is still to abhor,
and our gallant troops are heroes still...if not heroes more!
For national security, for duty, not for money, not for fame,
they answer the call, knowing war may kill, more likely maim...

yet they proudly serve and our eternal gratitude well deserve.

Harry Edward Gilleland      02.16.04