Yuck! Let It Go!

Let it go…man, just let it go.
Were you thinking? Heck no!
Because you didn’t let it go,
now your name all will know.

When your cell phone fell in the train
toilet, what made you wish to regain
the nasty thing? You’d use it again?
All your effort brought was pain…

Reaching in that toilet, your arm stuck.
No way to pull it free… out of luck.
Can’t believe you’d phone fish in muck!
Help was needed to get your arm unstuck.

Train workers, police, firefighters all came.
Try as they might, the result was the same.
Delays to other commuter trains ensured fame.
Leno and Letterman will be saying your name.

Finally a blowtorch set your arm free.
Now the butt of jokes you’ll forever be.
Unless…before long we all begin to see
a much richer you in phone ads on TV.

Harry Edward Gilleland      11.01.03