Worth The Price?

The little boy now sits on the side of his bed,
with tears streaming, his heart full of sorrows,
wondering if it's wrong to wish his father dead
since he has ruined so many of their tomorrows.

His sister and he had been enjoying their play,
when their mother had called them both inside.
"Listen carefully, kids, to what I have to say,
for your father's behavior is too wicked to hide.

Your dad betrayed my love, shattered all trust
by having an affair with a woman at his work.
He threw his family and our home away for lust.
I shall never forgive him for being such a jerk."

The boy now waits for his dad to tell him goodbye.
He's packing his things, getting ready to move out.
"Why did Dad stop loving us? If I promise to try
to be a better boy..." Then he hears his mom shout.

The boy covers his ears not to hear his parents' fight.
His safe, warm world of sunshine and flowers had
suddenly become dark and dank, scary as the night.
His hero, once so big and super, now is just plain dad.

His father enters, "Hi, sport, sorry about this mess
with your mother. Until she can forgive and forget,
I'll be moving out. I'll see you on weekends, I guess."
His mother, "Looking at your son, was she worth it?"

The years passed...divorce and hardships became their lot.
To the boy now grown, his father asks, "You understand
my actions now that you're an adult?" "No, your family got
worse than deserved. Just know that I shall be a better man."

Marriages lost. Paternal relationships stunted. All to spice
up sex for a few hours. Adultery demands a devil of a price!

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.17.03