The Scheduled Stoning Of Amina Lawal

In Nigeria, the Supreme Court may later this week
decide the fate of Amina Lawal, who's a meek
thirty-year-old divorcee arrested days after birth
of her daughter. How much is world opinion worth?

Amina was convicted of adultery and sentenced to die.
The alleged father, upon denying involvement, his alibi
accepted, was simply set free. Thus, the woman is to die,
while the man remains safe, as free as the birds in the sky.

Her sentence, to be buried up to her chest, then stoned
until dead, is an exceedingly cruel and much bemoaned
means of execution. Her planned fate has raised a protest
worldwide. All hope the court saves her, per their behest.

The Shariah courts were not totally unfeeling, completely mean.
Before she must die, time was allowed for her baby to wean.
This case is the worst mistreatment of women many ever saw.
Modern women, be thankful if you're not subject to Islamic law!

The court may act to save Amina and not make this woman die,
but how many Muslim women perish unseen by any watchful eye?

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.24.03