Those E-mail Spam Ads

Gad! My e-mail inbox has ad after ad after ad
for products all promising several inches to add
to my 'male member' to make my wife rather glad.
To think people might buy such items makes me sad.

They send these annoying sexual ads to one and all,
much like that dinnertime telemarketer phone call.
These ads even go to my eighty-five-year-old aunt.
They could control it. Don't tell me that they can't.

Here's some more ads offering Viagra really cheap,
fully guaranteed to cause your lover to actually weep
for joy at how long that enlarged member stays stiff.
These male ads make me want to drive over a cliff!

Wait! Now here's an ad to increase a female's passion.
These herbs make her a sexual tigress in some fashion.
Finally, an ad for something that's worthwhile to buy!
At only $49.99, I'll surely have the wife give this a try.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.16.03