One Night Early In September

As I step outside my front door
to accompany Rusty and Pepper
on their nightly midnight walk,
I am surprised to encounter
a definite chill in the night air –
the first since the end of March.

The reflected light of a full moon
gently bathes the neighborhood,
serving as a soft nightlight which
causes water droplets on the lawn
to suddenly sparkle and fade
as I so serenely walk past.

The lingering, lonesome sound
of a distant train whistle
slowly, surely gets swamped
by the summer serenade
of frogs singing from the bayou
and the chirping of crickets
crouching in the bushes.

What a splendid night!
What glorious relief from
summer’s sticky humidity
and sultry heat this night is.
It offers promise that
the long Louisiana summer
will finally end, to be chased away
by Fall, still weeks in coming.

Pay attention, all you mosquitoes.
Take notice, you migratory birds.
Sense it, you lawns and leaves.
Time to prepare yourselves,
for the impending change of seasons
is announcing itself tonight.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.15.03