Death With Kindness

The girl so dearly loves the forest behind
her parents' house. Each day she spends
untold hours in play with every kind
of woodland creature Mother Nature sends.

>From foxes and rabbits, frogs and snakes,
doves and hawks, deer and wolves, all
animals seek her out, and she in turn makes
each feel loved, safe and protected in the
tiny glade where they meet hidden by tall
trees all around. It is quite a sight to see!

She sits in the warm sun grooming and
cleaning, doctoring any abrasions or cuts
on each. Her reward is having her hand
nuzzled, her face licked, or best, what's
most pleasing is the look in their eyes
of pure love that never fades, never dies.

Their shared glade is an island of peace
and tranquility within the savage world
of forest life. Here all hostilities cease.
>From joy often the girl will dance, twirl.

Into this idyllic setting one day intrude
the harsh realities of life. A young deer,
arrow in shoulder, death drawing near,
seeking one last loving, peaceful interlude,
staggers and falls at her feet with a look
of terror in its eyes. Oh, how the girl cries!
She takes the poor dear to the nearby brook.

There she washes his wound, but blood flows
still. He cries out in pain, hurt filling his eyes.
There is one loving thing for him that she knows
she must now do. For no matter how hard she tries,

he cannot be saved. To end his growing suffering,
she takes a heavy stone...and kills him with kindness.
Overcome with grief, she sits sobbing, watching
her tears, his blood mix with the brook's flowing
water, as the pain of death is diluted with kindness.

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.23.03