True Lust

I spy you from across the way
Being handled by another man.
God! How it would make my day
If only with you I could have my way.
I'd consume you as slowly as I can.
First I'd take you with a firm grip
And closely eye your two rounded mounds.
I'd watch you warming up, beginning to drip,
Then I'd lick you hard, making slurping sounds.
I'd lick and lick with great appreciation.
It takes a true lover to have my kind of dedication.
Oh, I can already envision your sweet taste!
My desire rising, I long to attack you with haste.
The mere thought carries my mind to a new zone.
Unfortunately, my diet forbids a double-scoop ice cream cone.
Regrettably I must not have my way with you this day.

(ASIDE: A fat man on a diet KNOWS the meaning of true lust in the intense longing sense. =) )

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.20.01