A Terrorist - Two Viewpoints

In your twisted mind you are a brave man
Fighting a vastly superior enemy the only way you can.
Intelligent, educated, dedicated to your unholy cause,
You are willing to martyr yourself because
In attacking America you fanatically believe
Your countrymen and even God you will please.
Revenge for some perceived wrong you seek
By visiting violence and death upon the meek.
The rest of Mankind views you as a lower form of life
Who mistakenly thinks it somehow heroic to use a knife
To hijack a commercial aircraft, kill the crew,
Then crash that jet into Tower One or Tower Two.
Such a brutal, vile, despicable, cowardly deed
To make so many undeserving civilians die and bleed.
Civilized men never any justification could find
To condone the terror originating from your depraved mind.
You think yourself a brave soldier, but just the opposite is true.
There is not one iota of bravery or honor in you.
And when you before Almighty God do stand,
Do you truly expect him to call you a heroic man?
The hereafter being just, it's a certainty
You will suffer and suffer throughout eternity.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.14.01