How Could It Be?

The man, so solemn, so scared,
sits silently, wondering “How could it be?”
He awaits a report on his wife;
whether she will live or die he’s to see.

When they first met, he was a bachelor
of forty years; a maiden of thirty-three
was she. Instantly smitten, soon married,
he amazed, “I love her so! How could it be?”

They are true soul mates, sharing newfound ecstasy.
Hearing the echo from biological ticking, they desperately
yearn to beget a family. But, one year becoming three,
maybe their dream is barren. Oh, how could it be?

Comes joy unbounded, their dream is finally conceived.
The pregnancy progresses smoothly, is surprisingly easy.
Then rush to motherhood - fate delivering on its promise,
a baby from them, the wonder of just how could it be?

Their son is healthy, the new mother doing quite fine.
Settling in back home, everything is perfect they agree.
But then, then she starts to bleed. Blood everywhere!
Back to the hospital, her life in danger, how could it be?

Hemorrhaging, massive blood loss! Now it’s wait and see.
Surely life could never be that cruel…from their glee
to sorrow of her death is unimaginable. How could it be?
“She must live! She’s got to survive. Lord, please let it be!”

His heart freezes at her doctor’s approach. A smile sets him free.

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.03.03