The Awakenings

As consciousness slowly pulled down
The cobwebs from the corners of my mind,
I awakened and found
That my loving wife had been so kind
As to have quietly sneaked out of our bed
Leaving me to stay asleep instead
Of having to rise earlier to take our Corgi out
For his required early morning walkabout.
Instinctively I massaged my arthritic left hip
Its stiffiness and pain trying to ease.
Then things began happening at a fast clip.
My wife entered saying "Hurry up,please.
Coffee and breakfast are on the table."
I started to rise but before I was able
Our Corgi was on the bed, joyfully licking my face.
Finally on the floor both feet I managed to place.
Standing slowly I could immediately tell
Today I would not walk all too well.
"Hip bothering you today?" my wife asked.
I grabbed and hugged her when near me she passed.
I kissed her and playfully asked "How about going back to bed?
If it makes me late to work, the boss won't mind."
She smiled, kissed me back, but then pulled away instead.
"After work today, me waiting in this bed you'll find.
Keep that pleasing thought in mind the rest of your day!"

"Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, we need to get started on our day."
Abruptly I awoke, being jostled by the nursing home attendant.
"You must have been having your favorite dream again today.
I can always tell by your big smile and look of contentment.
What is your favorite dream all about anyway?"
Then me he lifted and into my wheelchair was careful to lower.
"I dream of loved ones now dead, times long ago, but far more,
Everyday life and its pleasures so simple, yet truly magic.
Things I took for granted, failed to fully appreciate.. it's really tragic
We live the best parts of our life in an uncomprehending daze,
We focus on life's imperfections and on our limitations
Ignoring how sweet and wonderful we have it in so many ways.
How I now wish earlier in my life I had seen the magic in all situations!
Oh, what I would now give to once more be able my wife to kiss,
To pet my Corgi, walk with my limp, eat a homecooked breakfast.
All these simple things in life now gone and sorely missed,
If ever I had them back, they I would truly treasure at last."

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.09.01