A Husband's Lament

Looking here....looking there....looking.
Go up this way....now head down that way.
Aha! This looks like what I'm after, but say,
why are there so many brands....all the same,
all different? Is this some perverted game?
Is this what she wants? Do we use this kind?
I'll just get this one. I guess she won't mind.
No, maybe that one would be better than this.
Okay, one item down! What's next on her list?

I watch the housewives so efficiently stroll along,
adding item after item to the basket. Now, they belong!
One can see they clearly excel at this food gathering,
but I am a man! I should be somewhere quietly lying
in wait to see my prey, so I can then calmly shoot it
full of arrows, and drag it home for her to cook it.
Man is a hunter by nature....from then to forever more!
So, why does my wife keep sending me to the grocery store?

Harry Edward Gilleland      12.13.02