Lest I Forget...

I just turned fifty and eight.
Now my memory is slipping of late.
My mind once was like a steel trap.
Now forgetfulness is giving me a bad rap.
Today at the store I bought ten things or more,
but forgot to buy the one item I went there for!
Nowadays to remember three items requires a list,
or recalling all three becomes rather hit or miss.
At home I sometimes will walk into a room,
then hope what I wanted will come to me soon.
If asked to run an errand on my way to work,
I drive to work forgetting to stop - What a jerk!
Trying to recall names of actors I’ve known for years
can frustrate me so badly that it reduces me to tears.
As annoying as this presently is, it will only get worse,
worse with each birthday until my ride in the hearse…

Harry Edward Gilleland      11.09.02