Down To The Sea

"Come, my darling, come and go with me,
down the river, down to the sea, down to the sea.
There we will live the good life, be happy and carefree.
Each day we’ll enjoy the sun, the surf, you shall see.

No, I have no money to buy us a nice boat,
but think of the fun we’ll have as we float
day after day enjoying Nature’s wonders on a raft -
sunshine, blue sky, fresh air….No, I’m not daft.

We will live the simple life provided by the sea -
fish, clams, crabs to eat, shells to sell for money.
We don’t need a house. We’ll live and love in a shack
on the beach beside the surf….Wait, please come back."

Twenty years have passed….She lives in a fancy house,
owns a Mercedes convertible, has a rich doctor as her spouse.
He works sixty-five hours each week, is rarely ever home,
enslaved by the system…but in dreams, there he beachcombs.

Harry Edward Gilleland      11.08.02