The Coincidence

At a meeting late in the day,
I try to keep you from going away,
Or, at least to leave quietly,
If you must have your way.

Lunch at a Mexican place had earlier seemed okay,
But now maybe not.
The cuisine was full of beans
And was outrageously spicy hot.

Now my stomach is rumbling,
Pain rising near to my heart.
I can tell you are under pressure,
Reinforcing your need to depart.

Just when the room grows quiet,
The speaker now ready to start,
At that precise moment you exit.
My, what a loud fart!

If only you won't have too bad of a smell,
Maybe most people may not be able to tell,
The truth regarding that noise they heard,
But... Oh,swell!
I can now tell your smell
Is going to indict me as well.

Around me all I see
Are frowns on everyone's face.
Maybe I should quickly
Move to some other place.

Almost anywhere else at present
I'd rather be.
But then the lady beside me,
Says "Please excuse me."

Suddenly I realize why
The sound had been so loud.
Simultaneous gas!
I don't remember when any coincidence
Has ever made me so proud.

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.31.01