A Man's True Legacy

Time sweeps us away in an avalanche of days
Teaching life's lessons in a variety of ways
Until we reach a certain venerable old age
Where we are regarded as wise and sage.
So listen carefully to my conclusions made
All of you in your second or third decade,
Time remains for selecting goals in your life
Whether it's to be career or family and wife.
After retirement and in your sunset years
Lament over poor choices can only bring tears
Since there is no do-over for mistakes made
Only sorrow in watching misguided hopes fade.
Life's success lies not in wealth or fame
Possessions and great reknown,all's the same,
Scant years after your departing this earth
These things will have absolutely no worth.
Devote yourself to your children maximally
For they represent your success actually,
Your one true legacy to centuries far away
Resides in the passage of your unique DNA !

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.09.01