The Long Nap In The Park

The elderly man has gone to the park
to sit and soak up the sun, its heat warming
his body, cold from poor circulation. The stark
truth is his heart is failing, his end is soon coming.

As he now sits alone in bright sunshine,
he begins recalling memories of his wife,
beloved and greatly missed, more so all the time.
Her death last year still stabs his heart like a knife.

Now startled, he is suddenly aware of how bright
the day has become, and he suffers a feeling of being
disoriented. “Everything is fine. Now you are all right.”
The presence of a young woman beside him, talking

so sweetly, softly, reassures and comforts him somehow.
“I guess that I dozed off. I didn’t see you sit down.”
“You’ve had a good life. You’ve done very well, but now
your body is worn out.” “Yes. My heart’s no longer sound;

arthritis has crippled me so badly that I can hardly walk.”
“You have missed your wife. She was the love of your life.”
Becoming more aware, “Why is it so bright? By the clock
it should be starting to get dark.” Thoughts of his dear wife

flood his mind as the light becomes brighter still. Far off in the
distance a shadowy figure appears, surrounded by streams
of brilliance. Drawing nearer, nearer…it’s his wife that he does see!
Crying, laughing, he runs to her…as he’d done so often in his dreams.

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.30.02