Shark Talk

Puny human, mighty man!
How stupid can you be?
Just because you rule on dry land
You feel safe coming into my sea.
Out of my kingdom so vast and deep
You might be wise yourself to keep!

For here it is I who is in complete control
Never sleeping, never playing, constantly on patrol,
A living torpedo, through the water I speed
Only my targets don't explode, they bleed!

My row upon row of razor-sharp teeth could rip asunder
Your unprotected flesh, as your soft body I thoroughly plunder,
With one bite, your hand, arm, or leg could be lost.
Why even out of the water your whole body I could toss!

Our paths mostly cross only in my domain's marginal periphery
Where your land meets my sea, where you bring yourself to me,
In this shallow surf you like to swim, play, and frolic.
Dine on you at will I could, but eating you gives me colic!

Unbeknownst to you I frequently check you out
Beneath the water your leg may be within inches of my snout,
Undetected, unsuspected, capable of bringing a fate that you dread
It is my choice, not yours, whether I turn the ocean red!

You fear me because in my sea I expose you as a weakling
But of the truth of my real power you have little inkling.
Bites now are by accident, my mistaking you for other prey.
Ever you were to become a desired dish, then out of my sea you'd stay!

I would deliver a death loathed and feared by you
Suddenly, unpredictably,ripping your flesh; then gone to begin anew
Repeat attacks whereby I dismember, then eat you alive.
You would have no escape, nowhere to swim, nowhere to dive.
But, come enjoy my sea, in pleasure many hours safely waste
Because this I now allow, since for humans I currently have no taste!

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.26.01