Beware The Carnivorous Snakehead!

Oh, great! If there were not already things enough
to worry us, with terrorists, economic bad stuff,
dirty bombs, and normal dirty politics, somehow
carnivorous snakehead fish have gotten loose now!

These fish, which hail from China, walk from pond to pond,
over land, out of water for days, of breathing air they’re fond.
From ponds a snakehead will eat the entire supply of native fish,
proceed to dine on frogs, on snakes, on birds, whatever it may wish.

With head of snake and gaping saw-toothed wide maw,
this fish is about the darndest thing that you ever saw!
Three feet in length and fifteen pound in weight - how are ya
gonna react when one strolls onto the lawn and eats your Chihuahua?

Will sand sharks be coming on the beach to eat people where they sat?
At least we now can go fishing on dry land with just a baseball bat....

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.17.02