Trying To Beat The Heat

For all this week, relentless heat
has made the Humidex read about 110;
so everybody wants a way to beat
the heat and give their life comfort again.

Since itís too hot for outdoor play,
the mother must endure the kids underfoot.
By afternoon the AC is lagging - no way
for it to keep the house from getting hot. She puts

about a dozen kids with all their swimming gear
inside the car and heads for the parkís public pool.
The sweaty, sticky, stinky, whiny kids have her near
to losing patience..."Get off the road! Outta my way, fool!"

Three hours of sun and fun in awful, humid, July heat
has them now tired, quite hungry, with skin all red and itchy.
Car interior Sahara-like, they arrive home just in time to meet
her hubby: "When is dinner?"..."Boy, heat sure makes you bitchy!"

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.13.02