The Desire For Fame

In Shreveport there was this here long black snake, you see,
crawling along poking its head in places it didn’t belong,
when encounter a 34,000-volt electrical transmission line did he -
electrified…to a crisp, fried…for him it was definitely “so long”.

Knocked out power for more than 10,000 homes that night,
putting everybody in the black - no TV, no computer, no AC! -
for three times “15 minutes”. Authorities said his action wasn’t right.
What other way to make the news, to win fame for a snake can there be?

In Vienna, land of sausages and mountainous countryside,
this lady, driving along exiting a tunnel, had this here big cow
fall onto her car, leaving her looking skyward, quite wide-eyed.
Authorities claim the cow had wanted to make the newspapers somehow.

Animal behaviorists worldwide warn dumb animals have begun engaging
in bizarre, dare-devil, dangerous stunts designed to win themselves fame.
Risking one’s life, as well as the lives of innocent bystanders endangering,
all for fame! Thankfully, we humans are far too intelligent to do the same.

[ASIDE: The snake blacked out my part of town one night this week. It made
the TV news; then in the next day’s newspaper reporting it, there was also the
report of the cow falling off the hillside over a highway tunnel onto a car in
Vienna, Austria. My keen scientific mind immediately detected the pattern!
The rest is history as they say….or at least this poem.]

Harry Edward Gilleland      06.29.02