Then I had energy to burn, always needing
activities not to be bored out of my mind.
Now I must conserve my energy, finding
reading, watching TV, ... napping suit me fine.

Then I could sleep like a bear in hibernation,
twelve hours solid - waking up at noon wasnít late.
Now Iíd love such a nightís sleep, but my realization
is my weak bladder permits only four hours straight.

My driving was aggressive. I knew the way to drive -
reckless, changing lanes, flying like a bat escaping Hell.
Defensive is how I now drive, just hoping to get there alive.
Iíve learned arriving a few minutes later works just as well.

Food back then was fast and fried (excepting pizza).
I liked it plentiful, spicy hot... hotter...hotter yet.
Now my stomach is no longer cast of iron. Nowadays a
spicy Cajun or Mexican meal might cause tummy upset.

Young women needed to possess large to please.
Sex was hours of fun, finally leaving me satiated and placid.
Older ladies (my age) find those large breasts at their knees.
Having sex depends on Ďití functioning, not remaining flaccid.

Young I never gave my health a thought, feeling quite immortal.
Medicine was that aspirin I took every once in a great while.
Old age brought infirmities to remind that death is a portal
through which all shall pass. Breakfast became a large pill pile.

Then was looking ahead to schooling, then choosing and
building a career, dating, marriage, young children - stress!
Now I have wisdom, retirement, adult children; rather than
worries, now security, contentment, peace and happiness!

Harry Edward Gilleland      06.19.02