The Estate Sale

The three sisters meet at the agreed upon time,
early, early morning at their late mother’s house.
Even though it seems to each almost a crime,
today is the estate sale to empty the house.

Their mother has succumbed to cancer three months back,
now reunited in death with their beloved dad.
For sufficient keepsakes, no daughter does lack,
all cherished mementos removed…still this is so sad.

People arrive, soon begin to examine her possessions.
Seeing others handling her things causes emotions to flow;
over prices they want to haggle, asking too many questions.
Each item has priceless sentimental value, don’t you know!

Clothes, kitchenware, furniture, paintings, knickknacks, books,
crafts -- with all this that filled her life they must now part.
Each purchase produces on the sisters’ faces pained looks;
each item carried away helping to break their heart.

This needs to be done! It really is for the best!
Still, it is oh so hard, producing unexpected emotional strife -
a day of grieving and tears, but love above all the rest,
so the estate can be settled and the living carry on with life…

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.06.02