A Report On Earth’s Mankind

Before the Supreme Assembly of the
Galactic Confederation, their scout
now makes a report on what’s it to be -
should Man on Earth be admitted or kept out?

“I’ve observed Earthlings for 100 years.
They’re strange creatures, with great potential.
Somewhat intelligent…but, I have fears.
From laughter to tears, they’re quite emotional.
Man is simply too unpredictable!

He cares for his fellow man. I was able
to see kindness. To serve the Higher Power,
on Earth many acts of charity I did note.
But, to please his God, Man flew planes into towers,
after slaughtering crews by slitting their throat.

Man has fought senseless wars, killing millions.
He has ravaged his environment; for that
all Mankind will soon pay dearly. Millions
will starve and die, while the few grow rich and fat.

Humans are capable of such extremes!
Their actions cause our logical mind to clog.
The same Man who painted the Sistine Chapel, it seems,
also draws swastikas on a Jewish synagogue.

Mankind is a mass of contradictions:
love, hatred…gentleness, cruelty…stupidity, brilliance…
peace lover, warmonger…racial prejudice, love of Mankind.
It’s impossible of Man’s future to make predictions!
Let’s revisit in 300 years to see then the state of Mankind…”

Harry Edward Gilleland      04.12.02