Road Kill

Strange how weird thoughts enter my mind.
I’ll be thinking something, then they jump right in,
like how when I was much younger, I wasn’t so kind,
not as caring and sympathetic as I might have been.

Take whenever I’d be the one to create more road kill :
Once while driving along in my VW bug, windows down,
wind blowing my hair - yes, back then I HAD hair still -
I ran over two huge grasshoppers, with a loud crunching sound.

They were too busy copulating in the middle of the road
to jump away. I shouted “Look! I just squashed a romance.”
(I know, bad as “Frog legs for supper!” for a flattened toad...)
I enjoyed making a joke out of road kill at every chance.

Nobody cares about bugs or toads, but how about a cat?
Once this young cat darted into the street in front of my car.
Hearing the thud, I looked back. He was alive - I saw that...
I said “Well, he’s down to eight! That’s one life he lost so far.”

I drove on my way that day, giving that hurt cat not a care
35 years ago. Nowadays he lives in my dreams, making me cry.
I feel his suffering. I see a child grieving over her pet so dear.
How I hope he survived, that I wasn’t the reason for him to die.

Harry Edward Gilleland      04.09.02