Big Jim And His Sadie

It’s 1864. Big Jim is a Rocky Mountain man,
who is a strapping big mountain of a man.
To take as his wife, he wants a “good woman”
who can ride, shoot, hunt, and work like he can.

Big Jim travels days to get to the nearest town,
but all the women he sees only cause him to frown.
They’re all too dainty, too petite, too frilly, too frail;
it appears his quest for a bride will come to no avail.

When he’s about to depart, Sadie makes her appearance.
She starts a brawl in the saloon, causing its clearance.
Sadie’s an impressive lady…six foot-two, weighing 222.
Big Jim is so love-struck he doesn’t know what to do!

Sadie’s no real beauty - one side of her head having no hair,
seems she lost her scalp while wrestling some old grizzly bear.
Big Jim, seeing her inner beauty, about her hair doesn’t care.
True, on the other side of her head she’s missing that ear,
But it’s not her outward looks that Big Jim holds so dear.

While Sadie may not be pretty, not all that easy on the eyes,
she’s strong - strong enough to crack walnuts between her thighs!
Big Jim woos her, finally winning her over; so they are wed.
They’re a perfectly matched pair; by all knowing them it’s said.

What other men never saw, didn’t know, was that Sadie had inside
much softness, gentleness, and a lifetime of sweet love in store
she had been waiting to bestow on the man who took her with pride,
loved her for what she is, without wishing she were anything more….

Harry Edward Gilleland      3.26.02