Communication Ways

"And so the battle to save the kingdom had been won!
That very night the king awarded his bravest knight Sir Harry
the hand of Princess Linda in reward for the deeds he'd done.
The King sent troubadours throughout the land this story to carry.

The End... Did you like this book, Honey? Time for bed now."
As the mother tucked her youngest daughter in for the night,
she had this growing feeling things were not right somehow.
The newspaper had reported recent intense solar flares might
produce mutant animals. The radio had mentioned 'Killer Cows'...

"Johnny, are you still watching a movie on the sci-fi channel?
Well, turn that TV off now, and go answer the telephone."
"Aww, Ma. That's what the answering machine should handle.
And this is just about my favorite episode of 'Twilight Zone'.
This lady is fixing to receive a telegram telling her..."

"Rats!" My computer had frozen up! These lockups were
delaying my writing this novel. But, unless something untoward
happens, I'll be able to FedEx a completed manuscript today.
Then I want to post a poem on the Internet poetry board
and send e-mails to friends in England, Australia, and Uruguay.

Harry Edward Gilleland      3.20.02