Mary Gilleland

ASIDE: My mother (Marcile Gilleland) dedicated this poem
to my father’s sister Mary. It was written on February 19, 1940
prior to the marriage of my parents.

Many an ode is inscribed to maidens fair
And love-sick poets their virtues extoll.
Rare tho’ remains the quality God did spare
You to be fashioned with a true beauty to unfold.

Golden is the heart that prompts a friendly smile
Inspiring others with its comfort and cheer.
Lovely is the mind remaining clean erstwhile
Looking upon the iniquities lurking near.
Enthralling is the depth of an esteem
Luring others to seek the secret of you
And unearth the exuberance of a dream
Nestling within that mind and heart true.
Dear Mary, you are entrusted with these two.

An Amused Mary

Merry smile curving demure lips --
Accentuating eyes of crinkled brown,
Rounding cheeks soft to fingertips -
Yielding to a laugh of jolliest sound.

An Angered Mary

Mirth subsiding to turbulent ways,
Anger flashing in darkening eyes -
Revealing a zest for tepid frays -
Yielding to the strength of family ties.

Marcile Gilleland      02.19.1940