An Ode to Us

This poem was written by my step-son Jason in honor of my 58th birthday.
(Thanks, Jason. I was touched by your poem...)

ďAn Ode to UsĒ

A Man?
A Manís Man!
The Adam of my Motherís apple.
A Man who knows what he wants and when heís right,

Who knows what fruits offer a body;

mind, soul, and all the tiny atoms that constitute my Self.

Whose guts allowed me to become a vision, the proverbial apple of my Motherís Eye.

A Man who slaved and toiled over a seedling

He knows has potential to be chock full of vitamins, minerals, and mother natureís sweetness.

A Father, whose fruits and labor met with much trepidation from a mere boy wrestling to become a man,

nevertheless, from headache to frustration, planted a seed.

It was a long, hard journey for this seed, a gift from my mother to her husband, who shared with her offspring this key to life and knowledge.

A Father who cultivated this seed into an apple,

And taught a son to be a Man.

From an aspiring Harry wannabe

C. Jason Farley      10.28.02